SU303 - L&D as the New Kid on the Blockchain?

Sun, May 19 | 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM | Room: Ballroom C, Convention Center

Blockchain technology is often mentioned as the "next big thing" that will affect all aspects of our lives, comparable to the introduction of the Internet. So you definitely want to know how blockchain might influence learning and talent development. Learn to understand the basic concepts of blockchain technology and blockchain applications related to learning that are already out there. Be prepared for a blockchain future!

Application on the Job:
Understand the basics of blockchain to identify areas of your work processes that might benefit from blockchain applications.
Assess the merits of (future) blockchain applications for learning and development.
Add value to conversations around blockchain applications in your organization and professional community.

Type: Education Session

Tracks: Learning Technologies

Learning Approaches: Innovation/Trend

Topics: E-Learning and Digital Design, LMS/Platforms

Target Audiences: All Talent Development Professionals

Session Services: Interpreted Session, NOT Recorded

Handout(s): Presentation


Ger Driesen

Ger Driesen

Learning Innovation Leader