TU111 - Leading by Numbers: Telling Compelling Stories With Boring Business Data

Tue, May 21 | 10:00 AM - 11:15 AM | Room: 147, Convention Center

Can't wait for your next business meeting? You're not alone. Typical data dumps send people scrambling for their smartphones. Instead of anesthetizing audiences with stats and graphs, learn from numerous, real-world before-and-after examples of how to translate facts into compelling stories brilliantly told with a sprinkling of relevant anecdotes. Learn how to get your point, remember it, and come to your meetings more happily ever after.

Application on the Job:
Craft an intriguing narrative from typical business data that holds attention.
Simplify complex ideas and express in an engaging way that prove your points.
Lead more productive meetings that generate immediate agreement and action.

Type: Education Session

Tracks: Training Delivery

Learning Approaches: Experiential/Interactive Learning

Topics: Engagement, Storytelling

Target Audiences: All Talent Development Professionals, Internal Practitioner

Session Services: Recorded


Jeff Hiller

Jeff Hiller


Hillertime ATX