TU412 - How to Crack the Code of Employee Disengagement 

Tue, May 21 | 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM | Room: 204, Convention Center

Companies in the top tier of employee engagement outperform their peers by 147 percent in earnings per share. However, only 13 percent of global workers are engaged. How do you inspire employees to get off the sidelines and into the game? This session uncovers a strategy to turn disengaged workers into a unified team, resulting in increased profits, customer satisfaction, productivity, and retention.

Application on the Job:
Identify disengaged employees and understand the number 1 reason why employees check out.
Engage senior leaders in the organization's employee engagement journey.
Apply a proven four-step process to immediately begin re-engaging employees.

Type: New ATD Speaker

Tracks: Management

Learning Approaches: Core Topic

Topics: Collaboration (Teamwork, Collaboration, Trust, Knowledge-sharing, Culture), Engagement (Leadership, Guidance, Coaching and Mentoring, Influence, Connection, Recognition)

Target Audiences: All Talent Development Professionals

Session Services: NOT Recorded


Jill Christensen

Jill Christensen

Founder & President

Jill Christensen International