SU404 - Resilience: The Key to Thriving Amidst Change

Sun, May 19 | 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM | Room: Ballroom A, Convention Center

Rapid change is a hallmark of today's business environment. Reorganizations are one of many disruptions that threaten the status quo and generate stress. This session will describe how resilience enables individuals and teams to thrive amidst uncertainty. Next, strategies for building personal resilience will discussed. Finally, three practices for building resilience through coaching and learning programs will be outlined and applied to a case.

Application on the Job:
Assess your own level of resilience and understand how your resilience impacts those you lead.
Develop and deliver planned or spontaneous activities within a coaching session or learning program.
Design a coaching or learning strategy that recognizes and addresses the importance of resilience.

Type: Education Session

Tracks: Talent Management

Learning Approaches: Core Topic

Topics: Coaching, Change Management

Target Audiences: All Talent Development Professionals, Trainer

Session Services: Interpreted Session, NOT Recorded


Lisa Dahmus

Lisa Dahmus

Director, Leadership Development