M116 - Keep Them Aligned! Neurological Insights for Talent Development

Mon, May 20 | 1:00 PM - 2:15 PM | Room: 146 C, Convention Center

Filling key positions quickly with suitable employees and managers remains a major challenge, while organizations seem to possess reservoirs of latent, underused talent. According to neuroscience, 40 percent of our development is genetic, 10 percent depends on the environment, and 50 percent is our own thinking! This session will focus on the 50 percent and 10 percent, underpinned with neuroscientific information.

Application on the Job:
Gain tools to spot, develop, and retain talent using neuroscience as validation to convince others.
Discover tools to develop talent and create an environment in which employees will be challenged to learn and grow.
Create an organization where continued development takes place and talent will be retained.

Type: Education Session

Tracks: Global Perspectives

Learning Approaches: Experiential/Interactive Learning

Topics: Global Best Practices

Target Audiences: All Talent Development Professionals, Instructional Designer

Session Services: Recorded


Evert Pruis

Evert Pruis

Founder | Corporate Talent Development Specialist


Ria van  Dinteren

Ria van Dinteren