Andreatta, Britt

Britt Andreatta

7th Mind Inc.

Dr. Britt Andreatta is an internationally recognized thought leader in leadership development and learning strategy. Drawing on her unique background in leadership, neuroscience, psychology, and learning, and she has a profound understanding of how to unlock the best in people, helping organizations rise to their potential. The former CLO of, she is now the CEO of 7th Mind Inc. providing groundbreaking research and science-based solutions for today's workplace challenges. Britt has over 10 million views worldwide of her online learning programs. She has published several titles including her books Wired to Connect: The Brain Science of Teams and a New Model for Creating Collaboration and Inclusion, Wired to Grow: Harness the Power of Brain Science to Master Any Skill and Wired to Resist: The Brain Science of Why Change Fails and a New Model for Driving Success. Britt is currently writing her next books on the neuroscience of purpose and the conscious evolution of organizations. Britt is a seasoned professional with more than 25 years of experience consulting with businesses (e.g., Comcast, Microsoft, FranklinCovey, Ernst&Young), universities (e.g., University of California, Dartmouth) and nonprofit organizations (e.g., YMCA and Norton Healthcare) on learning strategy and leadership development. Britt has won several prestigious awards including the 2016 Global Training & Development Leadership Award from the World Training & Development Congress. She won the Gold Medal for Chief Learning Officer magazine's Trailblazer Award, and was also nominated for the CLO Strategy Award for her work in designing a performance management program based on growth mindset principles. Talent Development magazine identified her as an "outstanding thought leader and pioneer" featured in the June 2017 issue. To learn more, visit her website and social channels: Website: LinkedIn: Twitter: @BrittAndreatta